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Dinner With A Ghost: Return To Gold Point

(The Post Office building where the evening began and later concluded with a bang; Photo by Osie Turner)

I first learned of Dinner With A Ghost two years ago when I was invited to attend their annual event in Gold Point, Nevada. An opportunity to work with them again didn’t present itself until last May, when I was invited to take part in the dinner and investigation around Gold Point once more.

Dinner With A Ghost is exactly what it sounds like—a gourmet dinner hosted by professional paranormal investigators followed by a formal investigation with the team. For a little more background, my first experience with the team can be found on

Upon arrival, I met up with John Cushman, the founder of Dinner With A Ghost, and Justin Cimock, the Vice President of Operations. They filled me in on the plans for the evening; namely that dinner would be held in the old Post Office turned museum and the investigation would take place in a few of the original buildings around town.

(The dinner table awaiting guest; Photo by Osie Turner)

Just before sundown a light rain began to fall, creating what I believe was the catalyst for some strong energies becoming active later that evening. Whether the rain created spiritual activity or not is debatable, of course, but I believe few would argue with me that desert rain is an absolutely beautiful occurrence made all the more special due to its scarcity. The water tapping on the tin roof of the century-old post office made for a lovely ambiance which lasted all the way through dinner.

Not only did paranormal events begin well before the investigation took place, they began before dinner was served. While checking the lighting in the dining room, Chris Brunner (the Director of Research and Development for Dinner With A Ghost) captured a series of orbs dancing above the far end of the dinner table on his cell phone.

Afterward, the Ovilus device was set up on the same end of the table a little while later. It began “talking” immediately and essentially did not stop talking during the entirety of dinner. Throughout the evening I noticed one word come up far more frequently than any other—mercury. I’m not sure the reason but “mercury” came up repeatedly in the dining room and later in the brothel. At one point during dinner the device said the word “demon” as well—if it meant to say it was a demon speaking to us or if it meant something else is not known, but that certainly set an ominous tone to the previous messages that came through.

(Inside the old brothel; Photo by Osie Turner)

After dinner we took a brief intermission for the guests to prepare for the investigation proper, and for the food to settle. Dinner, by the way, was a delicious beef and potato with mushroom sauce dish prepared by the team’s new Executive Chef, Deb Cushman, followed by cheesecake. A nice garden salad and tortilla soup were also served, both outstanding. Both red and white wines were served as well. Suffice to say, all of the dinner guests were quite happy with the meal.

The investigation began inside the former brothel, where the activity continued to go strong. The REM Pod device intermittently exploded with activity. These devices are only supposed to light up when something is within a few inches of their sensors; lights around the base are of various colors which can be used to imply the mood of the spirit or can be utilized as a means of communication with the entity.

After a period of back and forth with the former lady of the night, the investigation continued on to the mining building that may house the spirits of a few children. The cabin atop the hill was quiet this time around, however. Last time I was there, in 2016, a children's piano toy the investigative crew brought was used to entice spirit children into playing with it. Surprisingly, they complied and the piano lit up and played on chord completely on its own. Naturally, this occurred when my camera was not filming so the moment was not captured. This time I swore not let this recur, but unfortunately the spirit children did not feel like playing this night.

(John Cushman setting up some of the devices inside the old cabin; Photo by Osie Turner)

The investigation ended with the group returning to the post office building and continuing the investigation in the back room of the building. The Dinner With A Ghost crew have made contact with a teenage girl named Mary in this room many times over the years. We gathered in a circle around the room in anticipation—there was a ton of energy in the adjoining room earlier in the night, as already has been stated, but now there was…nothing. We waited for what seemed like an eternity in silence with not a single device detecting anything.

Just as we were about to call it a night, a wave of unprecedented spiritual energy stormed through the room. As if on a synchronized timer, every device present erupted in a flurry of beeps and flashing lights all at once. Then they all stopped, all at the exact same time.

Luckily, my camera was rolling for this intense moment; you can watch it below:

All in all, it was another fascinating and eventful evening in Gold Point. The beauty of these dinner investigations is that each one is a completely unique experience, even at the same location. Each night the energy, the natural forces at play, and the force of personality of each person present are all variables that can and will affect what turns up during the investigation. Dinner With A Ghost is a one of a kind event that anyone with an interest in the paranormal will not want to miss.

At present, the Dinner With A Ghost crew are touring Gettysburg and other points of interest along the east coast—hosting dinner investigations along the way. When they return to Nevada this fall I’ll likely team up with them again inside the historic and beautiful Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada. If you’ve been following my adventures over the years that hotel should sound familiar; I first visited the hotel not long after it reopened after a period of abandonment and wrote a feature for the now defunct, but also did apiece for it on this website (see: The Mizpah Hotel) as well as an updated article in 2016 for Living Las Vegas  (The Haunting of the Mizpah Hotel). During both of my previous visits to the Mizpah I’ve experienced unusual phenomenon, so I’m quite excited to return there and conduct a formal paranormal investigation with a professional team. Did I mention they’re planning to host the dinner in the hotel’s normally off-limits basement?

For their up to date schedule and more about Dinner With A Ghost, pay a visit to!

(Inside "Mary's Room" earlier in the day; Photo by Osie Turner)