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Burned Alive at the Stake

While doing research for an upcoming bio-anthology—which will be hitting the shelves of The Forlorn Press soon—I stumbled upon an interesting article. I was browsing through newspaper stories for the Tensas Parish region of Louisiana from the 1890s when a title caught my eye, Burned Alive at the Stake. The article was completely unrelated to what I was searching for, but with a header like that I just had to read it anyway. Did I mention I’m a huge fan of True Crime and criminal history?
The article turned out to be fairly short—I’ve transcribed it in full at the end of this post—but I was not disappointed. The gist of it was this: a local woman was sent out on an errand by her employer and never returned. A search ensued, and her mutilated body was found; a “tramp” was suspected of murdering her and summarily hunted down. Upon confessing, as the headline states, the tramp was burned alive while tied to a tree.
I found a few things interesting about this newspaper article. The first t…

Occult Detectives

This anthology contains some of the best early occult detective fiction from the best late Victorian and Edwardian era authors. Join such illustrious paranormal investigators as John Silence, Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, Flaxman Low, and Jules de Grandin on their adventures into the supernatural and beyond.

The collection is $2.99 and is available on Kindle, Amazon UK, Nook, and Kobo. If you prefer, you can also buy directly from us via Payhip in all formats (.mobi, epub, and pdf).

Approx. 820 pages or 248,874 words long. 
As with all ebooks from The Forlorn Press, Occult Detectives contains a clickable table of contents.

Table of Contents:
Part 1:  John Silence, Physician Extraordinary
1. A Psychical Invasion 2. Ancient Sorceries 3. The Nemesis of Fire 4. Secret Worship 5. The Camp of the Dog 6. A Victim of Higher Space
Part 2: Carnacki the Ghost-Finder
1. The Gateway of The Monster 2. The House Among The Laurels 3. The Whistling Room 4. The Horse of The Invisible 5. The Searcher of The End House 6. Th…

13 Ghost Stories

This collection consists of thirteen stories by some of the best authors of speculative fiction. While they all feature ghosts, these are not traditional ghost stories. These tales are all unique and will stay with you long after you read them.
The anthology contains a biography of Oliver Onions, the author of “The Beckoning Fair One.” There are also some annotations within the book with additional information pertinent to the stories.
The collection is $1.49 and is currently available on KindleAmazon UKNook, and Kobo.  If you prefer, you can also buy directly from us via Payhip in all formats (.mobi, epub, and pdf). It is even available in the Google Play Bookstore for any and all Android devices!
Approx. 305 pages or 88,487 words long. 

As with all ebooks from The Forlorn Press, 13 Ghost Stories contains a clickable table of contents.

Table of Contents:
The Attic by Algernon Blackwood
Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad by M.R. James
A Ghost by Guy de Maupassant
The Upper Bert…