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Remembering the Titanic: "God Moves on the Water" by Blind Willie Johnson

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, I could not think of a more appropriate way of remembering it than through an old blues song. Blind Willie Johnson (January 22, 1897 – September 18, 1945) is one of the lesser known blues singers today; however, his music has not only influenced many diverse musicians but also has been launched into space via the Voyager Golden Record. In this song, Blind Willie recounts the tragedy of the Titanic while infusing his trademark spiritual undertone into it. His haunting, reverberating voice gives the song a poignant element that draws the listener in. Through this song, I really feel a connection with the pain, sadness and unimaginable horror the passengers must have faced. Lyrics: Ah, Lord, ah, Lord Year of nineteen hundred and twelve, April the fourteenth day Great Titanic struck an iceberg, people had to run and pray God moves, moves, God moves, ah, and the people had to run and pray The guards who had been