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Alma Newton: The Romantic Mystic

This collection contains the bulk of Alma Newton’s work, as well as the only biography available for the obscure author. Newton wrote mystic fiction, with a touch of romanticism. Her style is particularly unique; all of her strange stories have dream-like quality that treads the borderlands between reality and the ethereal. The collection concludes with the only biography ever written about the life of Alma Newton; the biography includes rare photographs. Approx. 388 pages, or 103,315 words long. Available at  Amazon ,  Nook , and  Kobo . Or download it directly from us on . No matter where you buy it, the price is $1.49. Table of Contents: Introduction Memories The Blue String and Other Sketches A Jewel in the Sand Dreaming True Shadows The Contrasts of Life Algernon Blackwood, Nature Mystic Alma Newton: The Life of the Romantic Mystic Bibliography