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Alma Newton: The Romantic Mystic

This collection contains the bulk of Alma Newton’s work, as well as the only biography available for the obscure author. Newton wrote mystic fiction, with a touch of romanticism. Her style is particularly unique; all of her strange stories have dream-like quality that treads the borderlands between reality and the ethereal. The collection concludes with the only biography ever written about the life of Alma Newton; the biography includes rare photographs.

Approx. 388 pages, or 103,315 words long.

Available at AmazonNook, and Kobo. Or download it directly from us on No matter where you buy it, the price is $1.49.

Table of Contents:



The Blue String and Other Sketches

A Jewel in the Sand

Dreaming True


The Contrasts of Life

Algernon Blackwood, Nature Mystic

Alma Newton: The Life of the Romantic Mystic