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Strange Tales of the High Seas

It is my pleasure to present to you the latest installment from the Forlorn Press! Strange Tales of the High Seas is a collection of the strangest maritime tales by the now forgotten early masters of weird fiction. Many of the elements of these early tales have become common fare in today’s horror, and I find it inspiring to read the originals. These are not your typical ghost stories; rather, they walk the line between science, the supernatural, and the bizarre. These stories have everything from invisible sea monsters to rabies-infected crews turning the ship into a blood bath, odd twins, and sea-worshipping Pagan captains. Rifts in time and space and even real life mysteries grace these pages. I have also reproduced the original illustrations of these tales as well as added additional atmospheric pictures. Table of Contents: “The Voice in the Night” by William Hope Hodgson “From the Darkness and the Depths” by Morgan Robertson “The Sea Fit” by Algernon Blackwood “Ma