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Unexplained Photos

Back in September, I went out for a short hike at the Wetlands Park one Saturday afternoon and took a few pictures. Nothing out of the ordinary, just pleasant afternoon outdoors. I didn’t download the pics until a week later, on the following Sunday. It was only then that I discovered two photos on the camera that I did not take. Both are blurry and I’m not sure what they are of; but I for sure did not take these pictures.

How am I s sure that I didn’t? Because they were both taken at 10:35 p.m. that night. At that time the camera was inside its protective case and I was the only one in the house that night. As I already said, I didn’t even review or download the pics from that afternoon until the next Sunday; the camera was not even taken out of the case after I returned home earlier that day.

Here is the first pic:

And here are its properties and details:

Here is the second:

And here are its properties and details:

What jumps out at me is that they were taken only about 30 seconds apart, but with different settings. On the first one, the flash did not fire and it was exposed for 2.5 seconds, whereas the second one, taken only seconds later, the flash did fire and it was exposed for 1/60 second.

I have no explanation for these photos. I have not before nor since had any technical issues, malfunctions, or even paranormal activity with this camera (Nikon D3200). Very strange.

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