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Haunted Flood Tunnels on Sandhill and Charleston

Legend has it that, when passing through the flood tunnels between Charleston Blvd and Sahara Avenue on Sandhill Road in Las Vegas, you can hear the ghostly whisperings of a long dead couple within them. The couple, according the story, were driving down Olive Street on a motorcycle and crashed into the construction debris from when the tunnels were being built. Their bodies were not found until hours later.

The spot has long been a local legend for ages, so I decided to check it out on night. Due to the spiked fence, I did not get to walk into the tunnels. From where I could observe, I did not hear any ethereal whispering and nothing out of the normal occurred during my time there. I took a short video and a few pictures though (the video is at the top of this page; the photos are below).

I got a lot of “orbs” in the pics taken around this area; however, I do not think they are anything paranormal. The orbs are likely dust reflected off the flash from the camera. They do not appear in any taken without flash.

I have to conclude that I am skeptical of the haunting of the storm tunnels. I do not believe that anyone could have been driving a motorcycle through them and children do not play in them. I live in the area and have not observed anyone walking through them either; to do so would require climbing the fence and then crawling through a dirty wash. The tunnels appeared to be about three feet in height, so it would be uncomfortable to walk through them. I am sure that they are a great spot to getting high in (and I am certain they are used for such), and the graffiti attests that someone has been in them but it is unlikely that they are used routinely by anyone. No one would be passing through them for any reason.

That being said, the area around Olive and Sandhill does give off a unique, and not wholly welcoming, vibe. I couldn’t help but notice that just as I pulled up, another car parked in front of a house on the opposite side of the street from me. I assumed it to be someone who lives in the house and paid it no mind until I realized that no one ever got out of the car the entire time I was there. The car still sat there when I left; it did not follow me or anything. That was quite odd, for sure. 

Looking down Olive Street. And to sign off with another creepy pic-
Looking towards Charleston Blvd. 
If you want to investigate it for yourself, you can find the exact location here. The area is mostly safe but always be mindful of your surroundings. 


  1. Me and my girlfriend went to the spot today on January 4th 2018 At 1:25AM and we took pictures around the area and the gate was stretch enough that I can fit inside and I took pictures inside for was too afraid I felt some presents I want to send you a picture but I don't know how my email is and then I'll send you pictures that I took

  2. How can I send the pictures on this website give me the instructions thank you


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