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Strange Night Shots at Boulder City Pet Cemetery

I am not a paranormal investigator. I have no interest in paranormal investigating. I enjoy these types of TV shows as much as anyone else, but that’s about it. I partake of paranormal shows as entertainment. It isn’t that I don’t believe in the supernatural at all, I simply take these types of things with a grain of salt.

Earlier this month I wrote an article on about the Boulder City Pet Cemetery and got some great pictures in the late afternoon. I decided to return to the pet cemetery at night to see if I could get some good nighttime photos. The setting is perfect; rustic old graves in the middle of the desert make for a very dark, gothic subject. Just the type of pictures I love to take.

This is the first photo, unedited.
I took a friend with me on this outing. At the time it was mainly for company, but looking back I am glad I was not alone. I did not feel anything macabre at the cemetery during the day. Upon visiting after dark, my main concern was coyotes, or even mountain lions, that could easily be in the area.

To be honest, the only time during the night that I felt at all uneasy was while taking these two photos. While setting up my tripod, both my friend and I heard something moving in the distance. It was windy and we thought we had debunked the noise as being a branch from a nearby bush hitting a short metal fence someone erected around their pet’s grave.  In retrospect, the sound was coming from the direction that the eyes appear to be coming from.

I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until a few days later when I finally found time to sit down and edit the photos. That’s when I noticed what looked like a green face with glowing eyes behind the grave marker. Then I noticed that there were three sets of eyes in the second photo taken of the grave marker.

First photo, Color enhanced to show detail.
My camera has never done anything like this before. I have taken many nighttime shots with it. There is nothing that could have caused the green light to even be there, let alone blur into something like this. There was no lighting used except for the lights from the moon and the solar-powered lights on the grave. In fact, I did not even have a flashlight with me. The moon provided all the light needed to find our way around. It should also be noted that I had just done a similar nighttime shoot at Fox Ridge Park in Henderson for my article about the demon-child who supposedly haunts the swings there. Absolutely nothing abnormal appeared in any of those photos.

What I find the most interesting is that it is not just one photo. The same phenomenon can be seen in the second photo, as well. The eyes are a little closer to the camera, and you can see one set is hovering in front of the grave marker. The third photo was taken about ten or fifteen minutes later on our way back out of the cemetery. Nothing appears in this one even though it was taken in the same lighting.

Second photo, unedited. Three sets of "eyes" can be seen near the "2012" area.

I have to say, looking at ghost pictures online is one thing; you don’t know who took the picture, if they have something to gain form it, or if their camera was malfunctioning, etc. It is quite another when it was you who took the picture on your own camera. I know that there is nothing but miles of open desert between the cemetery and Boulder City. I know that my camera has never malfunctioned or taken any similar photos before. Most importantly, I know I didn’t fake or Photoshop the pictures. That’s what makes this so unsettling.

This is one of the other photos taken that night. The lights of Boulder City can be seen in the background.